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October 23, 2006

Madge & Jen Spend on Baby Clothes!

Jennifer reports that Jennifer Aniston bought gifts at the trendy LA baby lifestyle boutique La La Ling on Thursday. She purchased $3200 worth of gender neutral baby clothes and toys and then chose to not have any of the items gift wrapped. Among her purchases were outfits in various sizes for newborns up to items for a one-year old. Jen bought onesies, a cute Snuggler blanket and several burp cloths that said "Hollywood".

Madonna also gets in on the shopping action shespotted shopping at high end baby boutique Petit Tresor in Los Angeles on Friday and ordered over $7200 worth of clothes for a boy and a girl.

The order included cute onesies, pajamas and cashmere cardigans for a 12-month-old boy, as well as girly sweater sets, pink shoes with cherries on them, and a pink linen dress.

A source tells the items were all shipped to Madge's London home and should arrive by Monday. But who could the girl items be for?



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Yeah, what lucky girl is getting all those baby clothes? And, those baby shoes are too cute! I saw some online by Jack and Lily footwear at

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