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December 21, 2006

David Caruso's son


David Caruso and his girlfriend take their son, Marquez, 15 months, for a stroll in L.A. on Dec. 11th.

Source-US Weekly


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I read David's ex wife Rachel comments that she used to called him ''7-up''(you have a guess why)and since then we now understand why are there so many women that will do anything to go to bed with him..David you have got a ''7-up''how can we get an appointment to go and see you..WOW !!


I am still a big fan Caruso. I watched the episode last night and I thought it was great. Anyway how is your life going? Mine is going great with school and all. Where is your studio for CSI? I really want to meet the whole crew. I don't think I could anyway. I can't afford to even fly a plane.
Well I hope I can meet you sometime in my life. Still your biggest fan,


David Caruso I am a HUGE fan of yours. I love CSI and watch it everyday. Well anyway I hope you guys still film CSI, because it's a great show. I heard in a magazine that you have a son, that's great. Hope it's going good with the show.
Your biggest fan,


I think David Caruso is a good actor, although in CSI Miami he tends to have Lines that are heavey in Drama, which does sometimes affect the following of the Series. CSI Vegas is more gritty and has less of this, sentence pregnant pause thing that 'H' seems to be famed for.
the person he is with is greta in this pic, and his son is gorgeous! Most babies are, so Manon, Sorry bud, i disagree. And he is clearly quite the proud father. Bless....
Congrats on your Beautiful son, if you ever read this, which is highly unlikely, however if you do, i fully expect to see the four horsemen of the Apocalypse running through my living room.

KT x


The kid is nothing special. i've seen nicer ones. But what can you expect with a mother like that?


David - Happy New Year 2007. Greta's beautiful and Marquez is adorable!


David Caruso i really want to meet you, you are my hero i always dreamed of being on the cast of CSI Miami with you but it will never come true =[
i might come to LA to find the studio of CSI Miami maybe i might just meet you
keep the up the awsome acting i just love you and your characiter

i know one day i will meet you even though my family say its impossible or it wont happen i know it will

i hope i meet you really soon David

your #1 fan vezzi

lots of love and take care


That is his daugther Greta. Not his GF. Caruso and his GF are separated since end of Novemebr 2006. caruso is currently seeing his CSi Miami co-star Eva la Rue.

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