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January 16, 2007

Dr. Li, Carnie & Angie at Boom Boom Room

Untitled2_1 Carnie1 Untitled1

Carnie Wilson, Angie Harmon, and Dr. Li at the Jayneoni’s celebrity Boom Boom Room in Los Angeles last week. "The Boom Boom Room is the only Golden Globe gifting suite dedicated exclusively to celebrity tots." (Dr. Li's baby girl is named Alexis Victoria) Thanks to Suzanne at Suzibella for sending us the pics!


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Suzanne Longacre

The cute little bags they're holding are a brand new product--Nappi Sak by Suzibella. It is a diaper bag that looks like a fabulous purse. It is also a changing pad, and comes with a moisture-tight bag for diapers and wipes and a fabric pouch to hold a cell phone, keys, credit cards, etc. For more


what's up with the cute little bags they're holding in the pix?

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