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March 29, 2007

The Game & Tiffany


Rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka "The Game" with girlfriend Tiffany Webb.  Taylor has one child, a son named Harlem Caron Taylor, from a previous relationship. The couple is expecting a son in April.



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they look like greattttt


actually not in april it was in june. Harlem was born on June 30th but King was born on April 25t now Cali is august 21st. and "THE GAMES WIFEY" you can make fun of her all you want but shes the one who had him not you so keep that mouth of yours shut


thy make a grat couple, @thegamewifey u is a hoe, whtshu min th game can du bttr by bein witchu, u wiggling pussy u bitch!!!!!!!!!!

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Last week, after returning from a disappointing dancing session in da club, where Taylor learned some harsh lessons about love, loss, and getting totally shut down by a hot girl, Taylor had a lot to think about. So he sat down at his computer and carefully compiled his thoughts in an entry on his blog,“ UnCommoN SENSE with Aaron P. Taylor.” The entry,“ Advice 4 Women: How to NOT Get a‘ Deserved Raping,’” was a quick primer on how girls might avoid doing things that would lead them to be responsible for their...


orta katı kıraya vermısler


She looks like a big ass ballon that is about to burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She looks like a big ass ballon that is about to burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she looks to old and ugly to be his baby moma and The Game can do better than that by being with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She looks old enough to be his mother!

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