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April 15, 2007

Katie Price & Peter Andre


Katie "Jordan" Price and Peter Andre on the cover of  New! magazine. Katie is due this summer. She has 2 other children: Harvey- almost 5 (dad Dwight Yorke) and Junior- 22 months  (dad Peter Andre).

Interview with the couple here

Thanks to L.Lady for the scan!


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Hi. I generally love your photos of adorable celebrity kids and their parents, but lately you have me puzzled. I'm wondering if you're related to either Katie Price or Peter Andre, because you post a ridiculous number of photos of this couple. Do Americans even care about these people? As far as I am concerned, they are non-celebrities in the US! (And, at the very least, if I'm forced to look at this woman almost every day, she needs to dress more tastefully in looser, more flattering clothes in the late stages of her pregnancy!)

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