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May 05, 2007

Keri Russell & Shane Deary


Keri Russell and husband Shane Deary take a walk through the East Village in Manhattan. The couple are expecting their first baby together this summer.

CREDIT:Janet Mayer/Splash News, ,


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found this at
"Many women find that their hair becomes thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy - this is largely down to increased levels of the hormone estrogen. While your hair usually grows and sheds in a regular cycle so as to maintain its thickness and texture, during pregnancy this cycle is delayed.

At any one time during a 'normal cycle' approximately 90% of your hair is actively growing while 10% is in the 'resting phase' where growth has halted. It usually remains in this phase for about 2 months before shedding. During pregnancy increased levels of estrogen reduce shedding thereby increasing the body and thickness of your hair as more strands remain in the resting phase. Many women report experiencing hair loss several months after they give birth or stop breast feeding. This is completely normal and is simply a result of your hair returning to its normal growth cycle and shedding the excess strands that were kept during pregnancy.

Many also notice that the texture of their hair changes during pregnancy, straight hair often begins to curl, curly hair begins to straighten, oily hair may become more oily while dry hair may become increasingly brittle. While this can be frustrating at a time when your having to deal with so many other changes, by trying out new hair care products and different styles you should be able to embrace your new hair texture (or at least manage it!) until your baby arrives when it is likely to return to normal."


Maybe a stupid question, but, can pregnancy change the texture of a woman's hair? I've noticed that Keri's hair has been quite straight lately..unless she's just straightening it. Probably just a dumb question.. :0

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