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May 03, 2007

Larry & Dannielynn


5/1/07: Larry Birkhead with daughter Dannielynn Hope  ( mos. on 5/7) shortly before leaving the Bahama's for Kentucky.

Additional Larry & Dannielynn photo's Here

Full photo at

Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting -

scans: 4/30/07 OK! magazine - click to enlarge

Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting -

Access Hollywood  has some photos of the duo at home in Kentucky- click to enlarge


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We prayed for you babie-dannielynn.... now you're home with your real dad... and i know he loves you... enjoy your real family... they are waited with love and prayers for you....


Congratulations! I think you will be a great father. hope you will keep the good memories of Dannie's mother and brother alive for her. Anna was in heaven and watch over her when she grew up!

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