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July 25, 2007

Celebrity Baby Watch!

Update:  Naomi Watts gave birth on July 25, to a baby boy.

These three pregnant celebrities have two things in common, one they are due any day, and two, they are all going to be first time moms!

Bridget Moynahan was rumored to be giving birth to a baby boy via c-section on 7/20/07, those reports were false, and her fans are still waiting for the announcement. Dad is ex boyfriend NFL star Tom Brady. Visit Bridget's photo gallery to see her belly grow!


Naomi Watts is expecting her first baby with boyfriend, actor Liev Schreiber, her due date is August 2nd, and the sex of the baby remains a mystery. We've been saying, "she is ready to pop," for the past two months. Watch Naomi's belly grow!


Jenna Elfman and her husband Bodhi are expecting their first baby, a boy in July. Visit Jenna's photo gallery.




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Love it! My friends and I were just discussing this the other night! I'll go with seems like she's been preggers forever!


If Jenna had her baby yet,it hasn't been announced-we'll see! So far most of you think she will go first!


Didn't Jenna already have hers? I'd like to think Bridget is next, but I'm gonna say Naomi just to be sure.

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