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July 12, 2007

Naomi Watts looks done!


Naomi Watts was out & about in L.A. yesterday, and looks ready to pop! She is expecting her first baby with boyfriend, actor Liev Schreiber, and from the looks of it could go any day.



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she really does look 'normal' during her pregnancy-I agree though that it seems like she has been pregnant forever!


I'm confused. don't they live in NY. I'm 7 months prego and I was told not flying after a certain amount of months.


I can't believe she hasn't had the baby yet.


It's very refreshing to see an actress look "normal" during her pregnancy. I'm tired of seeing little pregnant stick figures with perfect little basketball bumps. I love that Naomi is sportin' some extra chin and isn't afraid to let her belly hang out. I can totally relate to her. She seems very real.

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