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July 31, 2007

Sheryl brings Wyatt to work!

Sheryl Crow, waits offstage to perform, as her nanny Marva holds her adopted son Wyatt in a baby bjorn. Bill Murray is standing behind Sheryl, they are at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, on Saturday, July 28, 2007.




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Unless you are in the music business and take your kids with you, you have no clue what to be disturbed about, frankly.
So stop being so judgemental and take care of your own kids instead.


I find the picture disturbing, and, yes, I know that it was a nanosecond in time. If a mom has a lifestyle that requires her baby to wear headphones, I mean, c'mon, give me a break. The nanny should've been in the green room with the baby away from the noise. My son is absolutely terrified of loud sounds and wearing a pair of headphones bigger than his head wouldn't help matters! I see that Sheryl is happy and good for her. But babies and children shouldn't be around noises so loud that they need industrial strength headphones.


It's supposed to mean just what it says. I see a baby who at three months is very big for his age. Sheryl Crow, as everyone knows, is tiny. So it won't take him that long to grow taller than his mother.
Nothing strange about that remark, just an observation.
The constant smile on her face says it all these days. Great to see.


What's that supossed to mean??


Wow, he'll be taller than mom by the time he is 12!


Look, this is a 'friendly blog' debates are encouraged, but let's please keep things respectful. A picture can be easily misinterpeted, the look on Sheryl's face says it all...Wyatt is absolutely fine, and the nanny is just watching what is going on onstage [just like Bill Murray]
Lisa Celebrity Baby Scoop Editor


I hope this blog is not going the way the other blogs who posted the pic went.

It's really disturbing how everyone enjoys being vile and critisizing.
This is a photo, a still image of one nanosecond, right before mom had to go back onstage.
To the first poster : at least have the courtesy to write her name right before you start hacking into somebody.
Sheryl is no Britney, she would not be still tuning her guitar and smiling at the little one if something was really wrong. All other pics taken backstage show a happy little boy and a very proud mother.
The nanny is not smiling. Do you smile from 9 to 5 at work? No, didn't think so.
Her name is Marva, she comes highly recommended. People would not be practically fighting to have her work for them if she was an ogre. Gimme a break.
The headphones are used by loads of people in the music business to protect their children's ears. We all use them, they are great.
And yes the baby is crying. If your child never cries, you have a miracle on your hands. Wyatt may have been frustrated because he lost his pacifier for the umpteenth time, you don't know that.
And what would you be saying if the baby wasn't there?
Duuuuuuuuuuh, she's leaving him with the nanny already.
She can't win, can she?
Just because you're having a bad day.


I don't know what's more disturbing about these 2 pictures: the look on the nanny's face? the screaming baby? the pacifier being held into the screaming baby's mouth or the smile on Cheryl Crow's face while her son is screaming and obviously with a nanny that would prefer to be somewhere else. If the nanny looks like that in Cheryl's presence, what must she look like when she is alone with Wyatt? Music too loud maybe?

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