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July 25, 2007

The Moder twins

Julia Roberts big bodyguard, and nanny, were seen out in NYC after enjoying some park time with 2 1/2 year old twins Phinnaeus, and Hazel. At first glance the nanny looks a bit like Julia. Phinnaeus looks just like his mom to me, I wonder what Henry looks like? To find out what Hazel rides in click here.





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I love this picture because it is truthful. So many of these kids (not Violet Affleck though!) are "raised" or taken care of for a large portion of their lives by nannies - and that should be shown here as well. These movie stars spend a large part of their time getting their hair done, going to meetings, making movies, having all sorts of beauty treatments and going out to parties. In many cases they don't really raise their own kids in the way that most parents in America raise their kids. Anyone with kids knows that you can't be off making movies and still be a full-time parent. They are part-time parents at best - which is fine - but let's tell the truth here and this picture tells the truth.

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