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August 27, 2007

Nicole Richie is showing more everyday

Pregnant Nicole Richie is really starting to show. What do you think of this outfit on her?





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No - it's not her best look. She's still a hot mumma though. ?Could she be a bit further along than she's telling the media....


She looks good!


when did everyone get so judgemental?!?


Meghan not everyone touches their bump 24/7 i am a mother of 4 & i was not touching my stomach all the time, yeah Nicole is famous but it doesnt mean she has to be touching her bump all the time just cos she is in the lime light


This is a nightgown. I love her bump, though! She needs to wear clothes and proper underwear when in public.


She does have money right?? She is not able to afford a bra?? Pregger boobies need support!!!


she is never touching her bump.. anyone else notice that?


What do I think of this outfit?
I don't like it. Nicole's maternity dress would acutally be a slip on a normal person. I'm sorry, she just doesn't look healthy :-(


looks like she got out of bed and forgot to get dressed...

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