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August 13, 2007

Ben, Jen & Violet out in Brentwood

Ben, Jen and Violet, 1, out in Brentwood, CA. It always seems like when the three of them are together, Jen is holding Violet. Probably because Ben is trying to get them away from the paparazzi.






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I've heard that some people think they are having problems, and that they seem distant in pictures, but who knows. Ben is hard to read in pictures, he almost always looks pissed


he´s trying to keep them away from the paps?doesn´t look like that!they are just walking and he´s not trying to protect them he´s walking way infront of them!he looks pissed though!I recognized it the last couple of times when I saw them.hopefully no big probs but I have such a weird feeling they´re looking so unhappy and stressed since they came back from vacation!and I don´t think that´s because of the paps,they are superstars and used to it!


They are so cute together. I love Jen and Ben. I hope they make it.

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