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August 25, 2007

Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan baby name update


One of our readers tells us that info coming from the hospital is saying the name is "Jonathan" not "William." Celebrity Baby Blog also reports that Dan Dierdorf (sports announcer) announced that the baby's name is "John" during the Patriot's pre-game show yesterday. But an official statement has not been made yet.

New mom Bridget Moynahan had to have a caesarean section due to the baby being in a transverse lie position, which is when the baby lies across the uterus. The doctors attempts to perform a version (which is moving the baby from manipulating the uterus on the outside) were unsuccesful.

In Touch reports that apparently Tom missed the birth by just minutes.

The baby's weight has been announced: 7-pound 14-ounce, 22¼-inches long. No name yet, but rumor has it they are leaning towards "William" as a favorite. One of our readers tells us that info coming from the hospital is saying the name is "Jonathan" not "William."

In Touch Weekly

Thanks K.


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Seamus Padrig Moynahan Brady -- come on everyone get on board. This is a great Irish sounding name, not too boring or too common.


I'm hearing that announcers at the Pat's game said his name was Jonothan Brady


Info coming from the hospital state the name is "Jonathan" not "William."

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