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August 09, 2007

Bridget Moynahan is having this baby any day now!

Actress Bridget Moynahan was snapped on her way to breakfast yesterday. In the first photo she looks like she is so uncomfortable. I can remember being at that point, at the end of my first pregnancy I went to Pottery Barn and I had to rest at every display area because my energy was zapped. Bridget's a trooper though, despite being uncomfortable, she still manages to smile and wave to the photographers.

Bridget is due to give birth any day, dad is ex-boyfriend Tom Brady.





I know she was scheduled to have a c-section, possibly for breech? Those things can change-just happened to a friend of mine.



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She is all ways. Best wishes to Bridget for a safe delivery!


What a belly!!!


She looks AMAZING! She is all belly.


I actually think she is having the baby tomorrow. That's was my previous guess. But it could be Sunday!

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