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August 07, 2007

Jon Bon Jovi & daughter Stephanie

Jon Bon Jovi is pictured in the Hamptons with his oldest daughter, Stephanie, 14.


Jon married his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley, together they have 4 children; Stephanie Rose , 14, Jesse James Louis, 12, Jacob Hurley, 5, Romeo Jon, 3.

He really keep his kids away from photographers, "I have a relationship" with the photographers, he says. "When they show up, my kids go to the left and I go to the right, and they take their pictures of me."

I grew up in the same town that Bon Jovi lives in now, I saw him out and about a few times. I remember seeing him and Dorothea in Gap Kids once. He also had Jacob in the hospital I worked at, but I was off when they were in. I do know that Dorothea had natural childbirth up to that point, and all of her babies were big.


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Christy Foster

Can't deny those eyes are all Jon's!


Stephanie is a very prettyyoung lady but you can tell she is not comfortable in fromt of the cameras. Jon and Dorothea have done a wonderful job raising their 4 children away from the limelight, actually this is the fisrt photo I have seen of any of their children.


I think she looks like Dorothea and John. she's pretty.


Wow, Stephanie really looks like her mom.

Jon needs a new hair-do asap!

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