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August 03, 2007

Melanie Brown & Nicole Murphy get the girls together

Melanie Brown met up with Nicole Murphy at the Ivy yesterday for lunch. Nicole is Eddie Murphy's ex-wife and the mother of five of his children.

Melanie had 4-month old Angel Iris Brown with her, and Nicole had her youngest, 5-year-old Bella Zahra, with her. It's nice that the sisters had a chance to be together. Melanie has a child support case in the works against Murphy, a recent paternity test proved that Murphy is Angel's father. Check out what socks Angel wears.







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I'm glad to see the two women bonding together for the sake of the children. I don't agree with Melanie's child paternity suit, because Eddie had every right to deny paternity until the blood tests were confirmed. Since the test have come back that she is his baby he has stepped up to the plate by paying child support and her pregancy costs. I feel she is being bitter, because of the embarrassment she felt because he denied paternity. What does she expect, they only dated briefly. Any man in his right mind would have done the same thing. I think she needs to get on with her life and stop trying to bring Eddie down. I wish him and Tracey the very best and I hope Mel B can get on with her life too with her new love and they both be the best parents they can be for that beautiful little girl....Keisha


that is soo cool. It is very nice to see they both together with their daughters. Angel looks soo much likes Nicole's daughter. Eddie Murphy can't deny Angel is his daughter.
Thank you soo much for these amazing pics. Mel is a wonderful mummy and Angel is a soo pretty little baby!

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