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September 14, 2007

A sneak peek at Maxwell Sutter's nursery

The Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan Sutter, were married back in 2003, gosh it's hard to believe that much time went by. Well, despite infertility problems and a rough pregnancy, they welcomed a baby boy, Maxwell Alston Sutter on July 26.

Trista and Ryan opened up there home to Us Weekly, which is on newsstands this week. We get a glimpse of Maxwell's cool nursery-all custom designed.



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Congradulations, being a wife of 15 years and mom of 4, I hope you can make this last. The divorce rate being so high, it is nice to see when couple's can make it. Good Luck.

Robbie Curby

These are lovely pix of Maxwells new room...lots of baby ambience with a view!

I love the picture of Ryan, Trista & bubby...they look cool in winter white...Hope next time we will see some pix of their home and on the slopes with little Max...

Robbie (Melbourne, Australia)


They look so happy in that picture, I can't imagine my husband wearing white like that!


Very awesome- did ABC pay for that too?


Very awesome- did ABC pay for that too?


Love the room. I love nursery decor that still works when a baby is not a baby anymore.



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