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September 20, 2007

Angelina Picks Maddox Up From School-Pregnancy Possibility?

Angelina picks Maddox up from school yesterday with the usual swarm of paparrazi. The word on the street is that Angelina may be pregnant, it seems she isn't as gaunt, and has what looks like a baby bump. Would this come as a shock? NO!! They have been talking about adding to their brood forever.





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I mind be totally blind, but where the hell everybody sees anything like a belly? Does it looks totally flat only to me!?!?


Yeah - if she was really in the early stages of a pregnancy I doubt she'd be wearing such skin-tight clothes. Like her Emmys dress - they said she looked pregnant there, but I think she would have chosen something less tight if she was really pregnant. I think we're actually just seeing her start to put some weight back on. Good for her!


I think that's a little high for a baby bump. I think in this case it's called "breasts."


Every outline of a button on a celebrity's pants these days is a "baby bump". If Angie is sporting a baby belly, then I must look like I'm carrying triplets everyday.

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