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September 26, 2007

Anthony Kiedis & Pregnant Girlfriend Heather Christie Have Lunch

Anthony Kiedis and his pregnant girlfriend Heather Christie have some lunch at the Blue Plate in Santa Monica. Heather is due with the couples first child in October.






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Anthony and Heather had baby boy this morning, tuesday 2. October.



you girls need to stop hating!!! she's ready to pop any minuet now. she looks cute. it looks like anthony's getting ripped a new one. I wonder how he pissed her off. she got over it really fast though. I think that's why you girls don't like her!!!!! cause he's not kissing YOU!!!!


^Haha--I agree, we do not need to get a glimpse of her vajayjay whatsoever.


Has she heard of maternity clothes? That dress does not seem like maternity--not so flattering.

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