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September 04, 2007

Anthony Kiedis & pregnant girlfriend Heather Christie

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his pregnant girlfriend, Heather Christie enjoyed a romantic walk on the beach in Malibu over the weekend. They are expecting their first child together in October.





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I cant belive how many years apart they are! Cant wait 2 c the baby!


In some ways I am glad AK will have the child he has always wanted. But his taste in girls(not women) borders on pedophilia(sp?). He seems so cool but I have to think he must be very inmature to be able to have a relationship with somebody so young. She is very young to be starting a family and dealing with the type of lifestyle they live. Is this a case of girl gets pregnant to keep her guy? I hope not or it will be terrible for the innocent baby.


I think he gained a little bit of weight and her baby was born on October 2,2007...but I think she is ugly tho... =(


she's sooo big!!!! she looks like she's ready to pop!!!!! Anthony does look like he's gained weight. maybe he's having cravings with her. I heard from another site that she's due in late sept. so, she'll probably pop any day now. I pray everything goes well. and I wish them the best. they look very happy together.


Hi I'm From brazil...
I am fan of peppers!!!
I Like The red hot chili peppers!!,And Anthony Is beautiful..!!!
When its drinks goes to be born?

I wait that they are very rappy!!


Anyone know WHEN in October she's due??? I hope she has it on my birthday, the 4th. . .

polly thomas

this baby shud start a band with fleas baby!!


I love how anthony is in his 40's and she's in her 20's


Does it look like anthony sorta gained some weight?


Jeez! Shes huge! I cant wait for baby Kiedis :)


They're so...fascinating. His life has so much history, and hers is opening up. It's great.

I'm happy for them, they look happy. I'm not too hot on his hair, though. But hey, he must like it that way.


What does he see in her??????????????

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