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September 16, 2007

Bridget Moynahan Out With A Friend

Bridget Moynahan and a friend return some camera equipment to Sammy's Camera in Venice Beach, and then head on over to Apex in Venice to have lunch. The new mom looks great, I just can't wait to see baby John. I wonder if he will make his debut in one of the top magazines?





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I love this woman! She is my new hero after what she has come through. And she did it with class and dignity. Can't wait to see this gorgeous boy of hers. She looks happy, doesn't she?


How wonderful to see her happy. What a blessing baby John is for her and it's great to see her out and about with her new life in CA> There will be no shortage of men who want Bridget and will be a wonderful father for John. You go Bridget. We're all rooting for you!


She always looks beautiful!! I also can't wait to see pics of John!!


Bridget looks great as always. Glad to see her getting out and about. She is one of my favorite celebrity moms. She always has such a great smile. Can't wait to see pictures of little John.

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