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September 20, 2007

Guess Who?

This little girl is excited to see her mom. Any guess who it is? Click here to find out.



It's Leni, 3, mom Heidi Klum picked her up from pre-school.



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Marilyn, not sure what you're talking about. She looks nice because she's a model with nannies. No ones knocking her, we're just stating the obvious.


Don't knock it....the fact that she has time to do her hair is due to that fact she is a woman who has worked hard doing a more financially rewarding job, and is now taking time out (because she can) to raise a family. You wouldn't knock Brad Pitt taking Maddox to school looking immaculate even though he probably has a longer beauty regime!


Hahah...Yeah, I often wonder what the teacher thinks about my "casual look" That's why i love jen garner-she dresses like a lot of the moms out there. We do have a Heidi klum type mom at our pre-school, that's always like fully decked out-who has time for that, unless you've got a nanny or two.


What a pretty little girl.

My son's teacher would fall over if I ever showed up at school looking that put-together. I don't think she's ever seen me without a hat on or in something without a stain. Actually, I don't own anything without a stain...

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