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September 28, 2007

John Moynahan, Meet The Paparazzi

Bridget Moynahan and her adorable 1 month-old John, who is all boy, at the Bel Air Bay Club. Bridget seemed relaxed and enjoyed lunch with a friend while feeding and burping John. Note that his burp cloth has no "T" for Thomas? His name is John Edward Thomas Moynahan, the initials on his burp cloth are JME. Lots more pics click here.



**Click Here For Lots Of Pictures**








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Lots and lots of celebs (Tom & Katie, Angie & Brad, Jenna Elfman, Sheryl Crow, etc...) have been in magazines with their babies. Why pick on Bridget?


She donated her earnings from the photos to charities for ill children.


Sorry, but I am officially off her bandwagon. Her digusting appearance on OK! proves she is all about the publicity in having Tom Brady's child. She is gross!


A monogram is 3 initials with your last name initial in the middle with your first name on the left and middle name on the righ. When you have more than one middle name, you use the first letter of the first middle name. My sister-in-law has two middle names and that is how she does it.


Oh yes, heaven forbid someone wear sunglasses in the sun! Why would anyone in their right mind do something as horrible as that?!

I don't think I've ever seen monogrammed items with four initials before. My guess is one initial had to go and it's always the second middle name that gets dropped. I wouldn't read too much into it, although I'm very much Team Moynahan. John is a doll and she's a natural.


She looks a lot more put together than I did when I had my first baby. He is a cutie!


Honestly,Bridget does *not* look like a slob. Lighten up.


I am so sick of seeing Bridget look like a slob. She is always wearing the same thing, and always has those damn sunglasses on


great pictures, he is a cute baby boy


Adorable...both of them! Thanks for the Moynahan photos!


Adorable...both of them! Thanks for the Moynahan photos!


He is so cute! I can't get over how he looks so much like Tom, he took all Daddy's features. Look at his tiny feet and long legs. He must have been at least 23inches at birth...

Bridget- enjoy motherhood!!!


what a cute baby! bridget is a pro!!!

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