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September 14, 2007

Liam McDermott visits the ducks at Central Park

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott went for a bike ride in Central Park, and then took Liam to see the ducks at the pond. Be careful Dean, NY ducks aren't as friendly as the ones in LA.




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madam pince

Too bad they don't have Stephen "Belafonte' Stansbury there to take action against the duck!


Her hair looks so weird to me. Did she get it cut?


Dean works in movies in Canada and visits his children, so push off and stop with the nasty comments to all those who continue to.
Hi x-wife was 12 yrs older and controling and mouthy to her co-host on their cooking show. I never liked her because of that. She probably deserved to be dumped but then again many in tinseltown dump their spouses sooner or later. Tori and Dean fell in love and only time will tell if their marriage succeeds, so give them a chance.


Well, at least he spends time with ONE of his kids - of course the one he would pick would have to be his little meal ticket. The other kids are probably better off without him. At least their mother has CLASS!

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