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September 20, 2007

Why Does She Always Do This?

This sort of disproves any chance that Angelina might be pregnant, here she is dropping off Maddox, 6, at school and carrying Zahara, 2 1/2, and Pax, 3, at the same time. She does this quite often, I have little ones and I never do the "double carry." Maybe she is in a rush to get in the building, but these kids can walk, so why not let them walk?




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That is the only life these kids know. They each have a bodyguard to hold their hand as they walk themselves! I totally believe that they should be walking/running around like we see most other celeb kiddos! I am a huge Brangelina fan.. but this is one thing that bugs me.


Posted by: Chimene | September 20, 2007 at 04:18 PM

Maybe because they are her children and she wants too?

So true. It's sad the day a mother showing care to her children is blasted.


Obvioulsy if you're asking this question, you have no idea what is on the other side of that photgraph...she is swarmed by photgraphers and I'm sure if she could hold all four, she WOULD...otherwise they would get trampled by those inconsiderate animals!


i think its partly a protective instinct on her part because the paprazzi may be frightening. either that or its how she keeps her biceps defined.


Maybe because they are her children and she wants too?


She has to pick those kids up, they are constantly mobbed by kids and quite frankly I don't want strange people taking pics of my kids either. Like someone mentioned-Angie and Brad chose the spotlight and these kids didn't. Someone says that she is always seen carrying the kids..well guess what honey..if YOU are seeing a pic of her doing this, then that means that some member of the papparazzi was there to take that picture. one strange man or 100 strange men...don't take my kids picture.

also i heard somewhere that Z has a problem with her hip that she was suppose to be having surgery. not sure how true that is...not trying to spread rumors.


what's up with the hat? it's nyc, right? isn't it like 80 degrees today?


I agree that they LOVE the publicity and cameras. When they lived here, in New Orleans, it wasn't nearly as hectic for them.


She is probably used to being swamped and having to carry kids, it is probably second nature for her to do so. I for one would probably leave them in the vehicle with their nanny (supposing they have one) to be quick and pick up Maddox, or else not bring them with at all - I never really thought about it before, I think I would take advantage of having a nanny to helper to assist me and not carry kids around. I notice other celeb parents doing this too, namely Kate Moss with her daughter, Lila Grace. I am sure the volume of papz and lights flashing is something celeb kids get used to quite quickly.

So, yeah, my question would be, why not leave them with someone in the vehicle and make a dash in for pick up?


girls...please, angie has plenty of space around her at all times, never mind bodyguards. Maddox is walking. I don't recall her carrying him as much when he was young.

Jen LOL!! too funny, she does look like she might break in half!


I don't think Lisa means only in this instance. There are plenty of other shots where she has two kids on her teeny tiny hips. How does that woman not break in half?

I do have to wonder why she chose that particular school for the children if it's so difficult to get in and out of. There are celebrity children all over the world going to school everyday without this type of hoopla. Angie's not stupid, and I get the impression she loves the publicity.


Let them walk? In front of a whole herd of paparazzi who care more about making money than about those children's safety? I think not.


I agree with Tiffany - have you seen the video clips of her dropping off Maddox at school? The noise of people yelling their names is deafening, and the flashbulbs going off all over the place... normal kids would be terrified to walk though that. Angie and Brad step lively to get through it quickly. These kids are used to it, but I would still carry them to make sure that no one tries to grab them or just so that they feel safer and more secure in my arms.


I have to disagree. I have three children 4, 3 and 1 and when I am in a rush to go somewhere and my little ones are taking their sweet time, I will pick up one or two of them. She might also do this to hurry up and get her kids away from the cameras. I know she's a celebrity but does that mean her children deserve to to mobbed by cameras everywhere they go. I think you would pick your kids up too.

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