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October 01, 2007

John Moynahan Goes To Church

Happy Monday! New Mom Bridget Moynahan takes her newborn John Edward Moynahan to church in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday.







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It blows my mind that a man would be cool about not being near his own flesh and blood. But I guess that's just it---a real man would be part of their child's life. But unfortunately Brady's no different than hundreds of other sports stars who've done, and will continue to do, the same thing. It's sad to think of all the children of celebriies who will never live with or get to really know their fathers.


A beautiful mom and adorable baby. Old Shady Brady can't deny fatherhood with this one. He is a clone of his father. I wonder when, or if, his father is going to show up in CA for a visit before he starts first grade.

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