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October 16, 2007

Jennifer Garner & Violet Hit Central Park

Jennifer Garner and her nanny/assistant (?) take Violet to the park in NY. Love how Violet is hanging out with her "binky" and her dolly. She is really such a cute kid-very happy.

Jennifer's new Broadway show Cyrano De Bergerac opened at the Richard Rogers Theatre this weekend, and the reviews were pretty good. Look at how she was beaming after the show-Good for her! She has said that Broadway was her number one goal.

“It has always been my absolute dream of all dreams. I always, always meant to be onstage.”







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I like the fact that Jen seems so real


Why is Violet's baby doll always naked? Hehe, she is so sweet! x


I just adore these photos... Violet is just a lovebug!

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