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October 21, 2007

Katie & Suri Head To Pier 59

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise, 18 months, head to Pier 59 Studios in New York where Katie had a photoshoot. Suri has such a pretty eye color. They're like a blue/grey.

I've heard a lot of buzz out there from readers who can't believe Suri is still drinking from a bottle at her age. What do you think?





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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents discontinue the use of the bottle at 12 months.

Suri needs a sippy cup!

KIM 2.0


slightly unfair

For those of you who think the child is Chris Klein's, I did some background. First off, they broke up in the beginning of 2005. They lived in different states when she met Tom Cruise and she had to have gotten pregnant in July for Suri to have been born April 2006. My son is 3 months younger than Suri and no way is that child older than what is being reported.

Also, Nicole Kidman stated in an interview that she had a miscarriage with Tom Cruise early in their relationship, so she was emotionally unable to have children...hence the adoptions. Obviously nothing wrong with Tom.

Just because he is strange and puts so much stock in his religion doesn't make him a bad person.


LOL she doesnt have jet black hair...she has dark brown hair...and if you havent noticed..Katie has really dark hair..I'm assuming that is where she got it from. Even though I do not think Suri is Chris Kleins, it has nothing to do with her hair color. And as for the bottle...she sint even 2 yet...give it a long as her parents are brushing her teeth like they should be...she should be fine.


whoa whoa whoa madam pince! thats hilarious but i think if suri was relly chris kleins she wouldnt have jet black


I see no problem with a bottle or a binkie. What has astounded me over the years is how long toddlers go in diapers. Yeh, I know I'll get slammed for saying that, but I was done at 18 months and so were my children. If parents had to carry around moist, stinky used cloth diapers until they get home, those little ones would get trained a lot quicker. At one time, there were preschools who would not accept children unless they were trained - must've changed since "my day" - late '80s. It takes time and patience, but can be done and helps with the mounds of disposables. Nothing like volunteering to pick up highway trash and having the majority being disposable diapers people have tossed out a car window.

madam pince

I don't think the bottle thing matters, but I also think Tom & Katie are allowing it in an effort to convince the public that Suri is older than she actually is. I think she's Chris Klein's daughter -- that is, Katie was pregnant when she met Tom -- and they're covering up that fact. I think Tom paid off Klein, who's a world-class douchebag and would have been happy to not pay child support and be a parent.


I don't understand what the problem is, as long as it isn't in her mouth all day. Kids still breastfed at that age, so isn't it the same as long as she only drinks from it for feeding purposes? (I don't have kids so don't know). We don't see her with pacifiers when she doesn't bottle so its not like she always has something in her mouth.

melanie REALLY is tom and katie's choice you know its their kid. maybe we'd all do it sifferently with our kids..but suri isnt our child so we have to think about that guys


I took a bottle until I was 5, then had to give it up because I was going to school. No harmful effects for me because of the bottle. Teeth came in straight (no braces ever) and I've only had 3 cavities in my life. I don't see what the big deal is. Let the poor kid have her bottle!


cyberkitten, it IS bad, just like jen said, its horrible for their teeth. not only does it alter the position of the teeth, it causes decay. what are they gonna do when suri's mouth is full of cavities, ask her if she wants to get them drilled out?? you have to draw the line somewhere for the kids sake. most of the time we see suri shes not drinking from it, shes just holding it in her mouth.


its not bad!
i have a 3-yr-old neice still on a botle and i thinks thts bad, however, its a childs comfort at the end of the day right?


its not bad!
i have a 3-yr-old neice still on a botle and i thinks thts bad, however, its a childs comfort at the end of the day right?


The reason is because prolonged sucking on a nipple is not good for teeth development. She's old enough for advanced ways of soothing herself anyway, like a doll or a favorite blanket. Personally, I'm not a big fan of kids being encouraged to "soothe" themselves with food and drinks.

My parents were the type who assumed I'd eventually give up the bottle on my own, too. No joke--I used a bottle until I was 7 years old. And even then they had to throw it away because there was no end in sight. My children stop using a bottle cold turkey at 12 months. I'm very strict about it.


Why the heck do ppl even care when it comes to babies and bottles/soothers? Is it hurting anyone?? Jeez, it's not like the child will go to college with it..and even if she did..SO WHAT?


I think Suri will be drinking from a bottle as long as she wants to, since her parents "can't say no" to her. Wonder if it's filled with corn syrup?!

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