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October 19, 2007

Katie & Suri Take A Wall In NYC Today

Katie Holmes and daughter, Suri Cruise, 18 months, were spotted walking around the upper east side of New York City this morning. Pregnancy rumors are swirling around Katie again, since she's been seen in some over sized outfits. It's no secret that the couple wants more children, but her rep told People, "She isn't pregnant."

Hmmm...I am going to say that she is, I think she looks different, check out the two other pictures after the jump, and see what you think.







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They let them out of the Scientology cage for some fresh air?

And what kind of surgery has Katie gone and had on her face?

Suri is suuuure a sweetie pie, though. Wow.

Allison Picard

I can't believe that at 18 months old this child is still walking around toting a bottle!!!!!!


I agree, I predict an announcement in the next month or two.


I think she is too-laying low for a while


I think she is but keeping mum about it. Time will tell......

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