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October 02, 2007

Pregnant Isla Fisher Out To Eat

The very pregnant Isla Fisher leaves a restaurant in Beverly Hills after having dinner with her fiance Sacha Baron Cohen last week. Isla is reportedly due in early December. She seems to have a lot of swelling, which I know can be uncomfortable.


Pacific Coast News


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I feel for you Isla, it will only get worse hang in there!


ouch! she has a long way to go and those ankles look painful! poor thing!


oh man, my ankles hurt just looking at her. jen, it gives me flashbacks too, and i was certainly not a 'fashionable" preg chick.


She's definitely giving me flashbacks to my pregnancies. (It's funny how you forget about those inconveniences until you see them on someone else!) I had completely forgotten how big and sore my ankles would get. I'd swell in my chin and neck, too, just like her. Poor girl! At least she has cool maternity clothes. Unlike Isla, I was a big frump during those final weeks.

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