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October 10, 2007

Shauna Sand Takes Her Girls To The Pumkin Patch

Shauna Sand hunts for pumpkins with her daughters and boyfriend, at the pumpkin patch, in West Hollywood, CA. Sand was married to actor Lorenzo Lamas and they have three daughters together, Alexandra, Victoria, and Isabella.






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madam pince

Wow, what practical shoes. They match the understated pink puffy lips.


She's just there for the publicity, how sluty


Pretty unbelievable isn't it? Those shoes are just so not for pumpkin picking. That's Hollywood for ya! What is Shauna thinking?


I can't believe those shoes! I wouldn't have been able to walk on them if the ground was flat and she's meandering around a pumpkin patch in them.


Lol. Hollywood is soooo different from where I live. There are so many comments I'd like to make but the Holy Spirit is telling me cut this short. :)


Nice hooker heels. So was this celebrity week at the pumpkin patch or what?

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