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November 14, 2007

Nancy Grace Is Hospitalized


Headline News anchor Nancy Grace, is in the hospital with complications from her pregnancy.  Grace gave birth to twins on Nov. 4th.

TVNewser has learned that Headline News anchor Nancy Grace is in the hospital following complications from her pregnancy. Grace delivered twins last Sunday. Headline News spokesperson Janine Iamunno tells TVNewser Grace "started experiencing discomfort, and was having trouble breathing, on her way to church" on Sunday. "She was brought to the emergency room in Atlanta. Her doctors found two blood clots in her lungs, which occurred as a result of the pregnancy." Grace is recovering in the hospital where she is expected to stay for the rest of the week. We're told the health of the twins, Lucy Elizabeth and John David, is good. Iamunno tells us, Grace "thanks everyone for their continued prayers and support."

Prayers go out to Nancy and her family for a quick recovery.



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T Mobile Policy

So sad to hear that

Emma Watson

May she get recovery soon.

kevin kirkwood

Don't allow what we have seen so often with loss of homes.


Ever since CNN hired on Nancy Grace, I have lost all respect for the network and look at it as a tabloid paparazzi like the National Enquirer. Just give the facts don't go after people like vigalante witch hunters. You cater to the trailerpark trash news.


i don't wish bad on anyone, but this woman's karma has come home to roost with her meanness and ugliness


i don't wish bad on anyone, but this woman's karma has come home to roost with her meanness and ugliness

Fred Evil

Can we leave her there?

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