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November 01, 2007

Reese & Jake Take The Kids Trick-Or-Treating

Hot new couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal take Reese's kids Deacon Phillippe and Ava Phillippe trick or treating on Halloween. Reese dressed up as a witch and Jake wore a gorilla suit.






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I don't remember the link, but there was video of the paparazzi stalking them... and Reese is pleading to the photographers to stop taking pictures because they're scaring the kids. But they continue to do so, being the disgusting creatures they are.


Ok, it's not the childrens fault, but the famous "parents" chose this way of life. It's not normal, and never will be. Hopefully the paparrazi keep their distance and don't scare the kids, if they do then that's offensive and not fair.


It is extremely offensive that these children cannot go out without being stalked. How absolutely horrible! It really does need to be against the law to take pictures of the children without permission.


Does anyone else think it's bizarre that children of celebs can't even go out in their neighborhood on Halloween without paparazzi tailing them? There should be laws against that, for sure. How ridiculous.

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