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November 09, 2007

Jennie Garth Is Ready For Baby #4


Jennie really looks fantastic and she knows it.  She has three daughters: Luca Bella, 10, Lola Ray, 4 and Fiona Eve, 1, with husband PeterFacinelli, and baby number four won't be far behind:

"I've lost weight and I'm looking great," she told PEOPLE at the West Hollywood release party for Emmy Rossum's new CD, Inside Out. "And I know me. I'll just go get pregnant again! I actually secretly look forward to [it]."

Why? "So that she could eat and have ice cream," joked husband Peter Facinelli, joining in the baby talk. The well-trained hubby, 33, also noted, "I thought she was so sexy when she was pregnant." And no, they're not pining for a baby boy. "I only make girls," said Facinelli.

Wish I was able to tune into DWTS, but that time for us at home is hectic.  I know I could record it, but I know me, I would never watch it. 



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Couldn't have said it better than this author:

"Don't know about you guys, but here at That's Really Week we're getting really tired of all this bumpwatching. Seems nowadays if a pop starlet so much as drinks a bloat-inducing soda or embraces a new fashion trend that involves empire waistlines, every blog and celebrity tabloid races to publish paparazzi pics of her supposed pooch and declares that she's well into her third trimester. And pretty much the instant any it-girl is spotted in public canoodling on a date, gun-jumping gossip columns predict that she and her new love interest will be registering at the Right Start any day now. Really, too many people have babies on the brain these days, and it's annoying. Because sometimes there's no more exciting explanation for a little celebrity belly bulge other than a few skipped Pilates classes, OK??


u can watch it online at

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