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November 05, 2007

Tori, Dean, Liam & The Nanny Shop On Melrose

Tori and Dean take Liam, 7 months, shopping on Melrose, along with Liam's nanny in tow. We haven't had a glimpse of Liam lately, but I'm sure he's getting big. Ok, I'm going to say it, why do they need help when Liam is in a stroller, and both parents are there? I know nannies are helpful to working parents, and parents with multiples, but this just looks kind of obnoxious.




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I don't mean to sound harsh but who are we to be the judge of others lifestyles? How are you able to decide whether or not Tori and Dean "need help"? Whether she/he is a stay @ home mom/dad or a career mom/dad what's wrong with giving their child one more person to love them?
Many of the parents I know personally are better moms/dads with a extra set of helping hands. More power to those parents who recognize that they aren't super heroes!
The only thing that seems "obnoxious" about this article is the reference to Patsy as "The Nanny". Last I knew that was an old sitcom???


I didn't mean to insult any nannies [i do realize she's a person] out there-and I didn't even consider the fact that they were/are very close. It just bothers me sometimes that people who don't need the help, have it.


As a fellow nanny, who cares if they bring their nanny along for a day of shopping? "Nannies" are people too ya know? She even has a NAME of her own! Maybe she can even hold a decent conversation and they just might enjoy her company. Give em' a break! I'm happy that they seem to have such a wonderful relationship with one another.


i think she was torris nanny when tori was younger. i think she mentioned it on the show.


now I feel bad for saying that if she's close with them. I hadn't seen that season. Tori does look good though....


Hmmm... I'm going to take a guess and say that they are currently filming season 3 of their reality show, and if that's the case, I bet that's the reason the nanny is still hanging around. On season 2, she became quite an amusing character on the show. And wow - I think Tori looks amazing. I don't count myself as a fan from the 90210 days, but I really think she's come into herself as a mother. Cute family.

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